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The Prisoners Literature Project is an inclusive, all-volunteer, grassroots nonprofit whose purpose is to encourage reading, the pursuit of knowledge, and self-determination among incarcerated people. By sending free reading materials to those behind bars, PLP aims to foster learning and critical thinking. We believe that all people have a right to read.

We realize that many incarcerated people lack an education. PLP strives to remedy that by providing books that impart knowledge. We also provide genre fiction, because we understand that incarcerated people need to pass the time. Through the books that we send, we demonstrate that there are many possibilities for how to live.

Working almost continuously for thirty years, our U.S. prison books program has gotten (literally) tons of books into the American prison system, while staying overwhelmingly ‘grassroots’ – no full-time employees, no overhead eating up your donations.

To go to the PLP website, click here. 

Email contact: prisonlit@gmail.com