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Currently Grassroots House is a cooperative partnership of several progressive organizations. Managing the space as an independent non-profit ensures greater autonomy of progressive groups and connects activists the world over, here in the Bay Area.

In addition to the current House groups, we also support Veteran’s for Peace, the KPFA Community Advisory Board, Gill Tract/Occupy the Farm and The People’s Park Community Advisory Board Regularly.

The House was originally purchased by several progressive journalists who produced The Grassroots House Newspaper. They enjoyed their greatest circulation in the ’80s alongside such other tenacious publications as “The Berkeley Barb.” The house evolved into partnership with non-journalistic progressive groups who were growing, including in the past, the Prison Activist Resource Center as well as Earth First! Our beleaguered and courageous brethren.

Eventually we founded a Non-profit with 501c(3) status in order to ensure the longevity of this shared resource.

Please join us at any of our meetings and make a contribution towards our Foundation Retrofit on the main page